YourWorld – Norfolk Island
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YourWorld – Norfolk Island

In One Line...

YourWorld, Norfolk Island is a freely distributed coffee table publication that is produced bi-annually and is available to all visitors to Norfolk Island


Norfolk Island

Advertising, Design, Print
About This Project
In 2008, 2899 saw a niche on Norfolk Island for a high quality advertising publication that could showcase products and services on offer from Norfolk Island businesses to all visitors to Norfolk Island. Soon after, 2899 Magazine was created and overtime was rebranded and remodelled into YourWorld. We have successfully published 18 consecutive magazines and the publication has been accessible to all visitors to Norfolk Island since 2008. Today it is run bi-annually, though in 2009 we formulated an agreement with Norfolk Air to have the publication distributed inflight on all Norfolk Air flight services to and from Norfolk Island, where we produced it quarterly for a total of 3 years. The publication has an advertising subscriber-base of a significant number of Norfolk Island businesses. In fact a higher percentage of businesses consistently advertise their products in YourWorld than in any other marketing publication produced for Norfolk Island visitors in history. The publication operates a 60/40 percentage split of advertising vs content and features articles and advertorials on Norfolk Island’s history, contemporary culture and events. As a result 2899 has single-handedly produced a staggering number of printed pages on the Norfolk Island destination, having published more than 100 articles, amounting to over 150,000 written words covering a hugely diverse range of topics and amounting to over 6.5million printed pages.

2899 has overseen each publication by contracting sales representatives, writers and copy editing, and has designed and pre-pressed each publication, underwritten all production and contracted on island distribution… and we’re still going strong. Through robust design, strong visual messages, careful use of colour and high quality written content and production specifications, we create a publication that people not only want to pick up and read, but enjoy so much they take it home with them to share with family and friends. It remains the guide of choice for all visitors to Norfolk Island.