The World of Norfolk Exhibit
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The World of Norfolk Exhibit

In One Line

An interpretive gallery to showcase Norfolk Island and its unique history, culture and peopleā€¦


Norfolk Island

Business Development
About This Project

2899 created an interpretive exhibition space for Robin Nisbet Gallery in Norfolk Island’s main shopping mall, we created a magnificent visual interpretation centre as a pay-entry exhibit for Robin Nisbet Gallery. To date, the Exhibit has attracted over 30,000 visitors. The Interpretation centre took nearly 2 years to build and 2899 oversaw every aspect of its production and construction. We produced hugely unique displays and tactile spaces within the exhibit to absorb the visitor into a ‘World of Norfolk’, where they learn through the imagery, moving displays and installations about Norfolk Island and its people. 2899 had to consider every aspect of the design and build process ensuring the space could stand up to the rigours of commercial traffic, yet still be a fine art, world class space. The 14 Exhibit displays transport the viewer through aspects of Norfolk’s history and contemporary culture by breaking down complex stories through confident use of colour, space, texture and wording. Following strict word count restrictions we enable to viewer to confidently navigate the Exhibit and absorb the maximum amount of information possible across the spectrum of custom made displays. The Exhibit has been applauded and is one of Norfolk Island’s premier attractions.