Norfolk Island Tourism
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Norfolk Island Tourism

In One Line...

Photographic services to create unique destinational promotion imagery...


Norfolk Island

About This Project

2899 Australia has worked extensively for the Norfolk Island Government Tourist Bureau for nearly 5 years. We frequently have to tender and are proud to have been awarded numerous contracts across a broad spectrum of design and production jobs. Through 2899 and Robin Nisbet Photography we have been contracted to build a comprehensive library of destinational imagery for Norfolk Tourism, to specifically target the Norfolk Island visitor demographic. We build a comprehensive shoot lists to compliment the marketing strategy papers from Norfolk Tourism and contract models and arrange location shoots to fulfil the library requirements. We have produced most of Norfolk Island Tourism’s image library requirements in recent years, though have done so in short intensive contractual periods to ensure that the client receives both value and efficiency in the delivery timetables. We have employed the services of Drone Specialists, contracted ¬†Light Planes, a Helicopter and Marine Charters among other providers to enable a diverse and exciting range of imagery is available to Tourism stakeholders to market the Norfolk Island destination.