Norfolk Island Tourism
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Norfolk Island Tourism

In One Line...

Brand creative work and Brand creative guidelines for Norfolk Tourism industry stakeholders


Norfolk Island

Brand Communication, Design
About This Project
2899 has been instrumental in establishing the Norfolk Island destination brand in recent years. Central to all of Norfolk Island’s marketing and promotion are the Brand Creative Guidelines. 2899 Design has created these guidelines for Norfolk Tourism and all stakeholders for the past 3 iterations of the destination brand as well as having developed the brand creative work itself.

2899 Design was requested by SAI Marketing – the Australian-based Branding Consultants contracted to write the Norfolk Island Brand Strategy Paper – and Norfolk Island Tourism to bring the Norfolk Island destination Brand Strategy Paper to life. 2899 worked with SAI Marketing and Norfolk Tourism to interpret and illustrate the paper and develop the necessary creative suite of visual collateral to market the Norfolk Island destination.

The brand creative guidelines are available for all Tourism stakeholders and are designed to assist in establishing uniformity in marketing and promotion of the Norfolk Island destination.