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In One Line...

Insprint is a new and exciting way to search, compare and quote for printing…



About This Project

2899 Australia has developed a hugely complex, yet incredibly exciting web platform for Norfolk Island based company, Insprint.  Insprint is a comparison and quotation site for the commercial print industry and is targeted initially as Nationwide within Australia, however we have had the project built to be globally scalable in ‘the cloud. It is built and hosted on AWS cloud servers and easily deployable to countries around the world.  2899 Australia buys and sells print within Australia and exports also to Norfolk Island. We found a glaring hole in the Australian Print industry from the perspective of designers and print resellers looking for comprehensive print pricing. We came up with a fully featured solution for designers and print buyers to communicate and form relationships with print sellers and Insprint was borne. Insprint – where inspiration finds print. So, we established Insrpint and  worked on the project from top to bottom, project managing everything from the initial concept documentation and requirements to web design, branding and corporate guidelines, through the multiple stages of project development and marketing research and database building. 2899 Australia has spearheaded and contracted several layers of expertise to built the company structure and web platform. The Project is in the final stages of development (April 2015) and is set to launch live in the new financial year. We have worked with Business Analysts and developers from Australia and have travelled to mainland Australia approximately one week per month to oversee and project manage the platform build. On Norfolk we have contracted a Sales and Marketing team and have focussed extensively on the marketing database building and the comprehensive web design elements which are core to bringing the fully featured web platform engine to the UI – ALWAYS with you, the user in mind.