About Us
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About Us


2899 Australia is a boutique agency that operates in both Norfolk Island and in Australia. Norfolk Island is an External Territory of Australia and 2899 (quite simply) is the NSW postcode that covers Norfolk Island. It’s one basic identifying feature that everyone on the island shares at any given time – A ‘beacon’ of sorts, which is precicely what ‘2899 Australia Pty Ltd’ strives to be for its clients.
2899 Australia’s founder and Principle Designer is Robin Nisbet. Robin was born and raised in Scotland and has a degree in Visual Communication from Edinburgh College of Art. He has lived and worked as a designer on Norfolk Island for 10 years with his wife and 2 children. Robin’s approach to design is simple:
“ I break down the project into its component parts to identify it’s core goals. I then build the solution from the ground up to achieve those goals based on timeline, client budget, target demographic, environment and output.”





Starting out on Norfolk Island, we discovered that on an isolated, Australian, South Pacific island there is a sense of unity and a collective spirit derived from being captive together at any particular moment – a special feeling and strength of community that comes from being secluded in a remote part of the ocean. And so, ‘2899’ seemed inevitable.
We have learned to be resourceful and to provide unique solutions for our clients, yet never compromise on quality or outcome. Our core business is Design for Print, Web and Advertising Media and we have worked for a number for companies and Government Agencies both on Norfolk Island and in Australia. We have worked consistently for Norfolk Island Tourism stakeholders in marketing the Norfolk Island destination and have been integral in building the Norfolk Island destination brand and brand creatives collateral for over 5 years. In fact, we’ve been part of some pretty amazing contracts and creative journeys – from photography and advertising solutions by chartering boats, planes and helicopters to building a unique and niche, yet surprisingly vast, comparison website and much much more. We even designed the livery for a Boeing 737 and orchestrated photographing it for promotional shots – low flying, and at close range!


We continue to operate as boutique solutions provider and are always pushing ourselves to lead by example by embracing change to ensure we stay at the forefront of our industry.
Today we work on both Norfolk Island and on the Australian Mainland with about 75% of our time spent on Norfolk and 25% in Australia – thats right we’re getting the best of both worlds! In Norfolk Island we have operated as 2899 Design (established in 2007) and in Australia as 2899 Australia Pty Ltd, a company established in 2009. Norfolk Island is an External Territory of Australia and is currently being integrated into the Australian mainland taxation system, so as we move forward to 2016, 2899 Design is integrating into 2899 Australia Pty Ltd and becoming one entity. Its pretty exciting times and we’ve been embracing the challenges of servicing both Australian based and Norfolk Island based clients.


Well, none of us quite know what the future holds, but we’re committed to building our expanding client base by providing class leading solutions and delivering outstanding results. 2899 Australia Pty Ltd is focussing on growth within the Australian mainland and is resolute in its quest to balance the ‘best of both worlds’, by operating on both the Australian mainland and on Australian External Territory and South Pacific Island – Norfolk Island. So, you’ll see us around!